Businesses Served
Almost any business or industry can benefit from a custom database or website. Whether you are small one person business or a large corporation, I can help you view your data in an easy, understable way. Listed below are some ways you could use my services:
  • Businesses and organizations can use a database behind their website to allow clients and members to log in to the website to view and/or update information that non-clients and non-members cannot access. Then reports can be written from this data for the business to use.
  • If businesses, such as Specialty Manufacturers, cannot find a database package that suits their needs, I can write them a custom package in MS-Access© that does exactly what they need.
Let me share some of my customers' stories below, and how I was able to help them:
  • A hat manufacturer never had their own database. In fact, the owner had pieces of paper in his pocket to let him know what needed to be done that day or in the near future. All records were on paper. When a customer called, there was no quick way to look up when an order was shipped and what was shipped. I worked closely with the owner to develop a custom Access© system in which they could enter and track orders, print routing slips and packing slips to put with their shipments, as well as maintain their customer information. Now several employees use the system daily to enter orders, respond to customer inquiries, and maintain shipments info.
  • A service company had a well-known system to track their customers, customer contacts, communications by email, fax and phone, training classes and training attendees. However, the old package also did many other things they did not need, and did not address a couple key needs. It was not easy to customize the large software package so they asked me to develop a new database in MS-Access© that would only have the functionality they needed. I was able to transfer all their old data to the new database, and simplify many of their data entry issues. This new database does mail merges into Word and creates automatic history whenever a process is run. In this way, management can view what different users have worked on, and look at customer history to know the status of a current customer. I even added a calendar reminder system that allows the users to set up reminders for certain tasks, and then convert those tasks into history when they are complete.
  • A new business owner needed a database system to manage his business. He decided to use a website. I hired a web designer to do the "pretty work" while I created the backend database. We worked together to provide our customer with a comprehensive system that takes credit cards, signup info, and allows customers to manage their accounts on the website, while the business owner has a admin backend menu to run reports and monitor the status of his business. Since this system is entirely on the web, the business owner can check on his system from wherever he is. This business has been up and running for over 10 years and continues to grow and thrive.
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